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Little Bird Cafe, 100 Lake Street, Northbridge, Phone 9228 2483.

Avenues All Lined With Trees … Little Bird Café is in a lush part of Northbridge. Lake Street boasts some great foliage and bendy roads to stop speeding. I’d heard good things about Little Bird Burgers, so off we went.

Little Bird Cafe

Little Bird Café sits in the building that a long time ago was Café L’Alba and it’s a venue that I hold fond memories of. And, you know what, it looks basically the same, who’d a thought. But there is a very arty Map of the World which is made up of exposed bricks in the plaster work. So unusual.

Little Bird Cafe

Ordered a Cappuccino and a Burger and sat and waited for their delivery. There was a water station so I filled myself a glass of water.

Little Bird Cafe

When it arrived the coffee was a little too cool. I don’t need it to be super hot but this new lukewarm trend is a little disconcerting.

Little Bird Cafe

The Burger presented well with two good sized grilled pieces of Haloumi, Onion Jam, Rocket and Sriracha Mayonnaise. The Bun was just fab and had been toasted so the texture was crunchy. It’s an important thing and not everyone toasts their buns (hehe).

Little Bird Cafe

The mixture of ingredients was good, I say that because sometimes there is too much going on in a dish. This, however, was just right. It was salty, sweet, spicy and creamy.

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