Moana Coffee – Balcony Cafe – Heritage Listed


Moana Coffee, Balcony Cafe, Hay Street Mall, Upstairs, 618 Hay Street, Perth CBD.

Not Just Another Drop In The Ocean … Moana Coffee is hidden away upstairs in the Hay Street Mall and housed in a Heritage Listed building which is just gorgeous.

Moana Coffee - Balcony Cafe

Met up with my friend Michelle in the City for a quick lunch. After we’d finished eating we headed to Moana Coffee to get a caffeine fix. We both knew we’d made the right choice on entering the building.

Moana Coffee - Balcony Cafe

Michelle ordered a house made Cold Brew Coffee with Almond Milk and Maple Syrup. I was lucky enough to get a taste and it was lovely.

Moana Coffee - Balcony Cafe

My cappuccino was spot on as it was very strong, hot and had great froth. Just the way I like it.

Moana Coffee - Balcony Cafe

We managed to snag a seat on the Balcony with a view over the Mall. Everywhere we looked there was greenery and it was a very pleasant view.

Moana Coffee - Balcony Cafe

Tiny speakers played music at a low volume and this gave a sense of privacy.

Moana Balcony Cafe

As cafes go, this one has a lot of fabulous features like the wooden floorboards, magnificent high ceilings and the incredible wooden staircase were stand out.

Oh, and by the way, Moana means Ocean.

Moana Coffee - Balcony Cafe

Heritage Listed:
Heritage Place No. 4281 – Hay Street Mall Precinct.

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