Kuld Creamery – Ice Cream Parlour


Kuld Creamery, Laneway at 460 Beaufort Street, Highgate, Phone 0475 000 060.

Sundae Ruddy Sundae … Kuld Creamery opened last December. Their ice cream is hand crafted and the ingredients are locally sourced. The day I was there the flavour combinations were fabulous.

Kuld Creamery - Ice Cream Parlour

Kuld Creamery is a tiny little kiosk in the laneway next to Blacksmith Perth. They usually only have six flavours on offer and those will change over time.

Kuld Creamery - Ice Cream Parlour

There is limited seating of a few stools and one table with chairs and an umbrella. Actually there are a couple of umbrellas around and a few plants. I think it looks charming.

Kuld Creamery - Ice Cream Parlour

So, I opted for the Burnt Mallow flavour and the ice cream’s texture is luscious while the colour is a vibrant ochre. The pieces of burnt marshmallow scattered through the ice cream are crunchy like toffee and give little bursts of flavour. The whole concept is Yum.

Kuld Creamery - Ice Cream Parlour

Just small things but this ice cream took me by surprise because of it’s uniqueness. Can’t wait to try some of the other flavours.

Kuld Creamery - Ice Cream Parlour

The laneway and the kiosk remind me of a Food Truck and I guess they are, just with a permanent address. Great concept.

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