Tom, Dick & Harry’s – Al Fresco – CLOSED


Tom, Dick & Harry’s, 144 Scarborough Beach Road, Mount Hawthorn, Phone 9444 4006.

In An Unguarded Moment … Xena and I did the unthinkable. We decided to visit a Café that had only been open a short while. TDH or Tom, Dick and Harry’s sits in the venue formerly housing Lush Garden Cafe.

Tom, Dick & Harry's

Of course, the garden is still in the backyard and up a short flight of stairs. It’s very pretty and we always love an al fresco area of any sort really. Just out of interest the Cafe is dog friendly so pack up your pooches and go for a walk.

Tom, Dick & Harry's

The menu, though small, had a couple of options we were interested in. We ordered some coffees to drink while we waited for food.

Tom, Dick & Harry's

hmmm who’s that stealing my biscuit?

For Xena, you’ll be surprised to hear, the option of pancakes topped with berries and syrup won out. Presentation wise there could have been a bit more primping but taste wise the pancakes were spot on.

Tom, Dick & Harry's

For me the Guacamole on Turkish Bread sounded just my sort of thing. It arrived with two very large pieces of bread topped with a thick spread of guac, a layer of spicy sour cream and topped with a tomato salsa and a small sprinkle of cheese. Very fresh looking and presentation wise, pretty fab.

Tom, Dick & Harry's

Because the ingredients were of a high quality this dish worked very well. Both Xena and I consumed quite a lot of it and the flavours went together very well.

Tom, Dick & Harry's

My only suggestion would be to up the quality of the bread, just a thought.

Excellent coffee, brilliant Iced Latte. Yum.

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