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Fat Fish Ramen, Empire Village, 10 / 31 Gayton Road, City Beach, Phone 9285 0212.

Silent Sigh … Fat Fish Ramen is the new kid on the Empire Village block. It’s a small venue with in house seating but the shared veranda offers extra seats.

Fat Fish Ramen

As well as Ramen Fat Fish Ramen offer Sushi, Bento Boxes, Mini Don and Rice dishes. Love that idea because sometimes all you want is a small plate of food.

Fat Fish Ramen

Ordered a Chicken Ramen with crispy fried Nanban chicken and vegetables. My ramen bowl was enormous and even had a mini salad type garnish on top.

Fat Fish Ramen

The broth was aromatic and delicious and I sipped it for a while inhaling the salty goodness with a silent sigh.

Fat Fish Ramen

The Nanban chicken was juicy and tender but a couple of pieces were a little chewy. But the ramen noodles more than made up for that as they were stand out in quality and taste. Also loved that there was cabbage in the vegetable mix. $16.

Fat Fish Ramen

Will return to try their Taiyaki pancakes stuffed with Red Beans. Oh, and the Teriyaki salmon and, of course, a revisit with that Ramen broth. Double Yum.

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