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Sprolo Specialty Coffee, 138 Canning Highway, South Perth, Phone 0401 625 134.

Toast, Jam, Dippy Eggs … Sprolo Specialty Coffee is an Australian / Asian fusion café in South Perth. Their signature dish is a traditional Singaporean Breakfast at $13.00. Fabulous sourdough toast, Kaya coconut jam and two poached eggs for dipping. Yum.

Sprolo Specialty Coffee

The venue is light, airy and very busy for an early Wednesday morning. I noticed there were plenty of prams and suits at the surrounding tables, so it seems Sprolo appeals to a wide variety of people.

Sprolo Specialty Coffee

Looking around there was a display case full of tempting treats and a large sign indicating that the café housed the Blacklist Coffee Roastery. Now this was something I did not know.

Sprolo Specialty Coffee

I noticed at this point that they offer a “tasting flight” of either black or white coffee. Jumping at the opportunity I ordered the black and was presented with an espresso and a long black for $7.00.

Sprolo Specialty Coffee

A mild but great tasting Argentinean blend, from what the serving wench said. There was also loads of Crema on top of both cups and no bitterness to be found. Excellent.

Sprolo Specialty Coffee

The Singaporean breakfast was a must and so was following the instructions clearly printed on the menu. Add white pepper and soy sauce to the eggs, smear the butter and Kaya jam over a piece of sourdough then dip into the egg yolk. Yum. And, who would have thought hey? The combination was very appealing and delectable.

Sprolo Specialty Coffee

So, it was a first-rate meal, the coffee was brilliant and the atmosphere pleasant. I’ve had this place on my list for over a year and I’m pleased to have finally made it to Sprolo.

Total cost $20.00.

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