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Mamak House, 16 / 238 Walter Road, Morley, Phone 9276 3003.

Mamma Mia … Hiding away in the Old Morley Markets is a dazzling new Malaysian Cafe. The building is old and a little dowdy but there’s a light over by the Frankenstein place, oh, I mean the newly opened Mamak House.

Mamak House

The Café refurbishment has ensured that this place won’t go unnoticed. There are an abundance of lights dangling from the ceiling, a cartoon like mural on one wall and eclectic seating. It’s fresh and inviting.

Mamak House

We were definitely attracted by the cooking aromas so we ordered a plate of Nasi Lemak to dine in. I did manage to sample most of the food, especially the pickled cabbage and a taste of the curry and rice.

Mamak House

The plate presented very well and the chicken curry was a large serve. The usual suspects like Ikan Bilis, steamed rice, cucumber, egg, pickled cabbage and Sambal were all present.

Mamak House

The rice was very tasty, as it had been cooked in broth and packed a big flavour punch. While the chicken curry was made with very tender breast meat.

Mamak House

So happy to have stumbled across this place that we’ve eaten there twice already.

Mamak House

So, the Nasi Lemak is $10.50 but they occasionally offer a lunch special price.

My apologies for the Rocky Horror Picture Show lyrics, couldn’t resist.

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