Spirals Cinnamon Bakery – Gourmet Cinnamon Buns


Spirals Cinnamon Bakery, 21 Green Street, Mount Hawthorn, Phone 0403 446 093.

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This Also … Mount Hawthorn has a new Bakery and their speciality is Gourmet Cinnamon Buns. Spirals Cinnamon Bakery make plain Cinnamon buns and then dress them up with amazing topping combinations.

Spirals Cinnamon Bakery

This Dessert venue is not yet a Café but will be, as Spirals has applied for permission to serve food and beverages. There are two other Bakeries in the area which have already done this.

Spirals Cinnamon Bakery

Frankly, the Cinnamon Buns with toppings is such a great idea that I’m amazed this is the first we’re seeing of them.

Spirals Cinnamon Bakery

We visited the Bakery and chatted with the owner to catch up on the lay of the land, Cinnamon wise that is. At present there are plain buns and four other flavours; Salted Butterscotch Pecan, Dark Chocolate Fudge, Raspberry Cream Cheese and Cream Cheese Pretzel.

Spirals Cinnamon Bakery

Price wise it’s $20.00 for four large buns with toppings or $25.00 for six.

Spirals Cinnamon Bakery

We purchased a box of four Buns to take home. So, the Raspberry Cream Cheese had an exceptional Coulis to tone down the sweetness and step up the flavour. And, the Cream Cheese Pretzel showed off a fabulous crunch from the Pretzel and pepitas.

Spirals Cinnamon Bakery

Those other two flavours were just as scrummy as they looked by the way.

Spirals Cinnamon Bakery

Let me just say that the Cinnamon Buns themselves are stand out taste wise. And, their soft and chewy texture is extremely pleasant.

Spirals Cinnamon Bakery

And, that’s the end of desserts for me for a while, so if you need me I’ll be at the Gym.

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    Hello there, I’ve just come across your article and would like to thank you for your review. Since then, we have renovated and are now serving Barista coffee n beautiful chai. Hope to see you again. Thanks once again for shout out.

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