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Esprezzo, Noranda Village Shopping Centre, Benara Road, Noranda, Phone 9275 0300.

A Sudden Sense Of Liberty … Feeling a sense of freedom made me decide to revisit Esprezzo. I remember the first visit as if it was yesterday, enjoying fabulous coffee and an impeccable brownie. This time their savoury food was in my sights.

Esprezzo Revisit

So I spent some time scanning their display cabinet and decided on the Potato and Leek Patty.

Esprezzo Revisit

The large patty was topped with some quality Tuna, mayo and corn. The waxy kipfler potatoes gave great texture and there were lashings of tender leeks all very nicely seasoned. Plus the bonus of a small serve of greens with a dash of balsamic dressing. The food was so good and at $10.00 great value for money.

Esprezzo Revisit

Got to admire their coffee as it was excellent with great Crema and strong but not too hot.

Esprezzo Revisit

Managed to snap a couple of decent photos of the Café itself and its very pleasant ambience. Sitting, as it does, in a shopping centre, doesn’t detract from that ambience in any way.

Esprezzo Revisit

So love that they are still doing loads of different jugs of fruit water because it is so refreshing. The number has definitely grown from three or four to six or seven. Excellent.

Esprezzo Revisit

Must return to try their Charcoal donuts as they sound very intriguing.

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