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Violet Banks, 399 Oxford Street, Mount Hawthorn.

Manavi Eggs … I’d read about Violet Banks’ Farm Pastured Eggs and decided it was time to visit. The Manavi Eggs come all the way from Watheroo and they’re worth a visit to try.

Violet Banks

Why all the fuss about these particular eggs? What else could it be but that they are delicious and the yolks are rich and colourful.

Violet Banks

Going out to eat is usually to try something you don’t make at home and in the case of poached eggs that is me. My attempts are all disastrous so going along and having an expert cook them is mandatory.

Violet Banks

Violet Banks hasn’t been open long but they are doing it well; the décor is Spartan but quite lovely; they offer good quality Sourdough bread and great condiments like Lemon Curd, Honeycomb Honey and Jam. And, always a winner, a water station.

Violet Banks

So, the eggs arrived and were very perky, sitting on top of their sourdough bread. The egg whites appeared to be cooked right through, a nice surprise as recently that hasn’t been the case.

Violet Banks

The eggs were cooked to perfection, tasted amazing and worked well with the crunchy, chewy bread. And, then I cut into the yolk and was very happy to see the depth of colour.

Violet Banks

Excellent Coffee

Best eggs for quite a while and I got to taste the Lemon Curd with my left over bread. Yum.

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