Le Vietnam – Vietnamese French Cafe


Le Vietnam, Vietnamese French Cafe, 1 / 80 Barrack Street, Perth, Phone 6114 8038.

It’s Love That It Is … Sometimes you walk into a place and just know the food is going to be good. Le Vietnam definitely has that vibe.

Le Vietnam - Vietnamese French Cafe

Lee from Le Vietnam is a very friendly chap and it’s obvious he loves what he does. We had a great time visiting his little French Art Deco Café.

Le Vietnam - Vietnamese French Cafe

Michelle took some time to choose the right Banh Mi and, she opted for the traditional sandwich which had 3 different types of meat, house made Pate and a slew of super fresh salads. It was given two thumbs up.

Le Vietnam - Vietnamese French Cafe

I threw caution to the wind and decided a westernised Banh Mi was for me. So, I chose the Chicken and Guacamole. Crunchy, toasted bread with Chicken breast, great Guac and that salad. Oh my.

Le Vietnam - Vietnamese French Cafe

Let me just dedicate this paragraph to the Bread. I read that Lee won’t serve stale bread, which is a breath of fresh air. Plus, it’s super crunchy.

The team did not disappoint us, as Michelle and I loved everything.

Oh, and lunch time queues are rather long so it pays to get there early.

Heritage Listed:
Bon Marche Arcade has been Heritage Listed for its Art Deco ornamentation. The building is considered “of essential significance” to the conservation of the City.

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