Underground At Allendale Square – Food Precinct


Underground At Allendale Square, Food Precinct, 77 St Georges Terrace, Perth CBD.

What’s The Buzz, Tell Me What’s Happening … Underground at Allendale Square is what. An architecturally designed Underground Food Precinct, with funky murals and space, lots of space.

Underground At Allendale Square

Visiting the Precinct on two separate days, once with Paulo and then with Michelle, was quite an eye opener. I formed two different opinions about the place.

Personally, the best thing to come out of this is that you can now walk underground from the old train station right down to Elizabeth Quay. That’s what architects do huh, solve problems.

But back to Allendale Square and the food. I counted 7 venues, which includes Lalla Rookh, and wow prices were very reasonable. Except perhaps at the more upmarket LR.

So, Paulo and I ordered Chicken Rice Corner’s namesake dish. The chicken was great but the rice lacked flavour. So, a few condiments mixed into the rice solved that problem.

The aromas led us to try the coffee at Mo Allendale and it was delish. Super strong and made from different blends of Five Senses Coffee, making it a pretty special brew.

Next up was Zensaki with Michelle who ordered a Katsu Chicken Bento which was quite a good looking plate of food. My choice was the Oyako Don, a dish I’d never tried before. Always like to try new things and the chicken was stir fried with a sweet sauce and an egg cooked into the rice.

The venue is lovely and well thought out. The first impression for me was wow!! Could not praise the layout and décor adequately.

So, funnily enough, on the second visit, I couldn’t help thinking that 7 food outlets made the space seem even more cavernous. Just a thought.

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