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Oh My Cod, Funky Fish & Chips, 73 Royal Street, Tuart Hill, Phone 0434 987 986,

Kissing The Tortoise Shell … Tuart Hill has an interesting fish and chip shop called “Oh My Cod”. And, this Royal Street Café uses the tag line “funky fish and chips”.

Oh My Cod

All I know is that it was a freezing cold night but when I entered the cheerful venue there were bench seats and blankets. I’ve now seen this in about four Cafes where rugs are the answer to heating problems in ultra cold venues. Great idea.

Oh My Cod

So, I ordered a snapper and chips, then hastily added a pot of their home made mushy peas. Which turned out not to be the neon green they offer in London but a rather pale pea green.

Oh My Cod

Bundling up and heading for the car with the prize of a piping hot Chippy supper I made my way home.

Oh My Cod

So, I was starving but managed to take a few photos of the food. The batter was interesting, normal on one side and sort of bubbly on the other. But there were nice herbs scattered through which looked great. The fish was thick and white but a little translucent.

Oh My Cod

The mountain of chips were doused in salt and vinegar and quite tasty. Those peas were great for dipping.

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