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Sister Cafes

Sisters Are Doin It For Themselves … Stumbled across two very different coffee cafes recently and discovered they were actually related. Well, as Sister cafes that is, Howdy Coffee and High Noon Saloon.

Howdy Coffee, 11 King William Street, Bayswater, Phone 0420 511 516.

So, first up is Howdy Coffee, which is occupying the premises formerly held by That Food Company. The Barista, Charles Stewart, has won awards for his coffee making skills.

Sister Cafes - Howdy Coffee

I will just say, the coffee is amazing and expertly put together with all the flavours and textures in place. Yum.

Sister Cafes - Howdy Coffee

The venue is a little ramshackle and decorated in an eclectic style of mismatched furniture. It’s comfy and homey and worth visiting for the coffee alone.

Sister Cafes - Howdy Coffee

The community has contributed books to their little library and it costs nothing to borrow a book. Or, you can add some books to the shelves if you prefer.

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High Noon Saloon, 8 / 22 Quentin Avenue, Claremont, Phone 0420 511 516.

So, this café is the complete opposite of it’s sister. It is sleek, streamlined and has a Corporate air about it.

Sister Cafes - High Noon Saloon

The display case offers Mary Street Bakery goodies and especially their signature donuts.

Sister Cafes - High Noon Saloon

The coffee maestro at this venue makes a pretty credible brew himself. The super enormous espresso machine is as shiny and aerodynamic as the venue itself.

Sister Cafes - High Noon Saloon

The coffee is fabulous btw, just in case I didn’t stress that point enough.

Sister Cafes - High Noon Saloon

So, loved the vibe of the place even though it’s a very small venue it didn’t bother me in the slightest.

Plus MSB donuts!!! What’s not to like.

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