Oceans Ramen & Donburi Bar – House Made Noodles


Oceans Ramen & Donburi Bar, 62 Roe Street, Northbridge, Phone 9228 8346.

Sun Is Set In Front Of Me … Oceans Ramen proves that boutique Tonkotsu Ramen bowls work in Perth too. This popular little café in China Town make their noodles in house.

Oceans Ramen & Donburi Bar

cute ad on the nori

Their menu is like a little tour of Japan with Ramen from a few different regions like Hokkaido and Koga.

Oceans Ramen & Donburi Bar

Must admit that this soup is a huge favourite, no surprises there. And, I was excited to try Oceans Ramen because about six people recommended the place to me.

Oceans Ramen & Donburi Bar

So, my Tokyo Soy Ramen was not disappointing and was a huge bowl of soy based broth with roast chicken. It came with extras like a boiled egg, bean sprouts, leek, spring onions, bamboo shoots, wakame and seaweed $12.

Oceans Ramen & Donburi Bar

So, I wanted another piece of chicken and realised later that if you pay extra, it’s yours.

Oceans Ramen & Donburi Bar

on the edge of CT

Lovely fresh and clean café right on the edge of China Town and livening the place up with it’s peak time queues out the door.

More please.

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