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Shortlist Oxford Street, 150 Oxford Street, Leederville, Phone 6161 3674.

Finally It Has Happened … It was always on my list but now there’s a tick next to Shortlist on Oxford Street.

Shortlist Oxford Street

The space has a corporate feel but with casual aspects to the décor as well. The wooden box shelves and the high tables with stools emphasise casual, as do the colourful cushions on the banquette.

Shortlist Oxford Street

So, on to the food. Was very tempted by at least three of the brunch items but settled on the mezze plate. $14.00.

Shortlist Oxford Street

Shortlist’s mezze had a piece of fabulous sourdough toast with a poached egg on top. Let me tell you that poached egg was cooked perfectly and the yolk was a dark yellow. Delicious.

Shortlist Oxford Street

Also on the plate was a scoop of hummus with EVOO, tzatziki and tabouli. The hummus had that earthy flavour that I find very addictive and the oil just a bonus smoothness. The yoghurt was thick and Greek with diced cucumber pieces, just lovely.

Shortlist Oxford Street

Wasn’t a big fan of the tabouli but it was very fresh, perhaps just a bit more seasoning was needed?

Shortlist Oxford Street

Had a cup of coffee at Shortlist a long while ago and it was very memorable. Hence the return to try the food.

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