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Market Grounds, Kings Square, 10 Telethon Avenue, Perth, Phone 6243 4444.

Would I Lie To You … First thing this morning Urban List Perth suggested I go and try Market Grounds. Just kidding, I read their “take” on this new venue and decided to pay a visit.

Market Grounds

Architecturally, the venue definitely has a “Wow” factor and the décor is pretty amazing as well. Lots of different textures and textiles.

Market Grounds

It seems Market Grounds have been open for business less than half a day but things seemed to be running pretty smoothly. So kudos to the staff for keeping an even keel.

Market Grounds

The other reason for my visit was to try the Chip Butty, yep, that old English favourite has gone up market.

Market Grounds

So, my food arrived and the butty looked fabulous. On biting into it the only word I had was “buttery”. Butter is the main ingredient, it’s in the brioche bun, it’s in the hollandaise and if that wasn’t enough, they added cultured butter! Yum.

Market Grounds

There was also some pretty great tasting salt in the mix and eventually realised I could see the crystals. The royal blue potatoes were shaved thin, roasted and layered into the bun. Absolutely delicious.

Market Grounds

Oh, and they make a mean Macchiato as well.

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