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The Lion & Jaguar, Shop 7, Subiaco Square, Subiaco, Phone 93816860.

Day After Day … I’ve walked past Lion & Jaguar. Today a visit was necessary because they have a new Barista, Q, who is churning out some fabulous coffee.

The Lion & Jaguar

I ordered a short macchiato, a double espresso shot topped up which arrived with the best coffee art I’ve seen in a while. And, a small glass of sparkling water, love it when venues do that.

The Lion & Jaguar

Very strong coffee, perfect art, delicious taste, exceptional.

The Lion & Jaguar

Wow, the Lion & Jaguar’s brunch menu is pretty detailed and long. But the decision was made when I saw the Street Eggs Tortilla.

The Lion & Jaguar

The plate of food smelled divine and I kind of dived right in to this very interesting dish. The scrambled eggs were cooked perfectly and the addition of caramelised onions, piquant mustard, spinach, mustard seeds and a few other smaller seeds made this dish a knock out.

The Lion & Jaguar

The crisply toasted tortilla was a good match for the exotic eggs, which I believe are inspired by the Chef’s Sri Lankan heritage. Very different but very pleasant and I would definitely return to eat this dish.

Many thanks to the wait staff for their help and assistance with the origins of my dish. And, to the chef for the food.

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