Himeji Japan – Curry – Coffee – Himeji Castle


Himeji Japan, Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan.

Where The Dreams Roll High … Himeji, Japan, is like a fairytale. We got off the train and stood in the middle of the promenade staring at the Castle in the distance. A 14th Century Castle to be exact.

Himeji Japan

We were in Himeji because Xena wanted to introduce me to Coco Curry House who prepare traditional Japanese curries. Which are much milder than their Indian counterparts.

Himeji Japan

Ordering was over in a few seconds. Chicken Katsu Curry for Xena and a vegetarian Curry for yours truly.

Himeji Japan

Both dishes had great aromas and were quite large. Plus the seemingly obligatory bowl of chips, not sure why we were a bit potato obsessed.

Himeji Japan

This was a very inexpensive and pleasant meal and I could not get enough of the potatoes in my curry, they were delicious.

Himeji Japan

Good Food & Service for $16.66.

Generous Xena gave up a piece of her Katsu for me to try which was also yum.

Himeji Japan

On the walk to Himeji Castle we stopped in at Pamela’s Coffee House. I had an absolutely exceptional double espresso which was very strong but also smooth and creamy. Xena’s latte was super good as well.

The Castle speaks for itself as the pictures will show you. “Himeji- Jo, The Lucky Castle That Survived The Turbulent Times of Japan.”

So, one place in Himeji that is always full of Expatriates and locals, for that matter, is “The Pantry”. This little gem is a traditional Deli, Green Grocer and Supermarket where we found Brie cheese for our dinner. While right next door was a French Bakery, so we managed to score a large baguette as well. For the princely sum of $10.00.

Himeji Japan

30 minutes to Himeji by train

So far on this trip Himeji is a stand out as it’s such a pretty little town with excellent coffee, castles and curries.

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