The Little Pantry – Lunch Specials – Barista Coffee


The Little Pantry, 206 Nicholson Road, Subiaco, Phone 9388 8780.

The Simple Bare Necessities … Like desserts, lunch specials, Barista coffee and friendly service, that’s the bare essentials for The Little Pantry.

The Little Pantry

A slight misstep trying to cut into the chicken and thinking it must be tough made me laugh when I realised I was brandishing a butter knife. Still laugh thinking about it.

The Little Pantry

The Little Pantry’s Teriyaki Chicken Bowl was everything I imagined it would be, despite the butter knife. Tender chicken, delicious sauce, perfect sushi rice and finely sliced vegetables with, I want to say Miso, dressing. Yum.

The Little Pantry

The venue is a lovely old building with wooden floors and there’s a nice al fresco area out the back. The place is gorgeous and I was surprised when I checked and found it was not Heritage Listed. Now that is a shame, I think.

The Little Pantry

Oh, and the short Macchiato was just lovely.

The Little Pantry

the neighbour’s are interesting as well.

So, I’ve got a feeling I may need to visit this place to try their cakes, pastries and oh wow those pancakes. Plus, one of The Little Pantry’s neighbours is The Unicorn Bar and they don’t need to say more than that to tempt me to visit them as well.

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