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Multiculturalism Japan – What we learnt while eating.

You Are What You Eat … If that’s true then I’m a bit multicultural at the moment. In one day in Shinjuku we ate French food for breakfast, a typical Indian lunch and Italian for dinner.

Multiculturalism Japan

Shinjuku, Tokyo, Festive Lights

The Japanese enjoy food from other cultures and are big fans of both pizza and pasta. As we found out on a walk through the neighbourhood near our Hotel.

BOUL’ANGE Bakery, Opposite the Shinjuku Station, Tokyo, Japan.

Walking into the venue we could see and smell baguettes, cakes, pastries, sourdough rolls, savoury pies and well you get the gist. We were also very grateful to find that the coffee was very good. So, we ordered a pastry each and went upstairs to eat our food, which was absolutely delicious. $8 for everything.

Tokyo Time Out offer some insight here.

MASALA STATION, Japan, Tokyo, Shinjuku, Kabukicho.

When we walked in there was only us but by about ten minutes later the place had filled up with workers and everyone was ordering the lunch special. Two curries, Naan bread, salad and an iced tea or Lassi for $9.00. A bargain for this beautiful food.

Read what the Tokyo Travel Guide has to say about Masala Station Curry.

PIZZA SALVATORE,  Shinjuku Nomura Building, subnade, Kabukicho.

So, we noticed the “Happy Hour” sign straight away and that was our decision made. Chef Salvatore Cuomo is an Italian born Japanese Celebrity Chef so we were quite excited about trying his pizza. Although Xena did opt for the macaroni and cheese and it had a silky smooth sauce and al dente pasta. The food was delicious and so was the Prosecco, talk about happy hour. Also interesting was the amount of Uber pickups for food, it’s a popular venue.

Visit Salvatore Cuomo’s website.

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Multiculturalism Japan