Restaurant il Mandolino – Italian – Al Fresco


Restaurant il Mandolino, 311 Hay Street, East Perth, Phone 0450 097 177.

Memories, Oh, Memories … Of days when pancakes were all I wanted for breakfast. But I do know now they’re just a guilty pleasure and I found the temptation was just too great.

Restaurant il Mandolino

And, who wouldn’t be enticed by a stack of four pancakes with skewered bananas, candied walnuts and whipped cream. So that decision was made easily.

Restaurant il Mandolino

Maple syrup

My meal was very prettily presented and had a glow from the overhead lights. It looked amazing and to be honest it tasted amazing as well. Piling up a forkful with a piece of everything was pure bliss and such a great combination of textures.

Restaurant il Mandolino

My cup of Joe, AKA a macchiato, was super strong and had a lovely smooth taste.

Restaurant il Mandolino

Il Mandolino’s prices are very reasonable and they offer Italian food, Pizza and Vegan dishes.

Restaurant il Mandolino

The café is right opposite the Perth Mint on Hay Street in East Perth with street parking easily found.

Restaurant il Mandolino

It must have been a while since I’ve been to that part of Perth.  Because there is now a small cafe strip, where once there was just a cafe on the corner. And, of course, the Grosvenor Hotel on the opposite corner.

Enjoyed my visit very much.

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