Yagan Square (Nestled inside the Horseshoe Bridge)


Yagan Square, Corner Wellington Street and William Street, Perth CBD.

It’s The Only Light I’ll See Tonight … Second opinions matter people, they really do. And, Yagan Square absolutely deserves a second visit as the professional foodies are offering some tempting and fabulous food.

Yagan Square

Must admit that on my first visit to Yagan Square I was less than impressed. Firstly, it was a hellishly hot day and secondly the evaporative air conditioning could not keep up. Making shuffling around in a super crowded venue no fun at all.

Yagan Square

So, the second visit, started with The Shoe, Bar & Café and a Pain au Chocolat plus a very impressive short macchiato. Which was super strong with perfect foam art and a delectable finish. Coffee and pastry $8.50.

The outdoor area is fully shaded and offers impressive views of the walkway between the CBD and Northbridge. And, proudly in place is the statue of Yagan himself.

Could not walk past Troublemaker Burgers without ordering their rubbed chicken burger. And, at $8.00, for the burger only, I decided this was a real bargain. Adding fries and a drink is also an option. Oh, and the brioche bun with chicken and salad was exceptional.

Yagan Square

Noticed that the Honey Cake now comes with a Matcha filling and it looked fabulous. Next time I will actually try some.

Last stop was Honey I’m Home for a taste of their honey ice cream. It was so good that I ordered their taster cup which turned out to be a small but delicious paper cup full of frosty goodness. $3.00.

Yagan Square

To read more about Yagan Square and it’s history here.

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