Lot Six Zero Yokine – Brunch – Barista Coffee


Lot Six Zero Yokine, 41 Blythe Avenue, Yokine, Phone 94434062.

Down To Zero … Lot Six Zero in Yokine that is. We recently said a sad farewell to Gooseberries Café at this location and the new guys seem to know what they’re doing.

Lot Six Zero Yokine

Perusing the “Specials” had my mouth watering and the Green Bowl was certainly my cup of tea. A nourish bowl brimming with greens of all types, even Brussels Sprouts. While not displacing the runner beans, asparagus and other assorted lovelies.

Lot Six Zero Yokine

Confit garlic made my palate sit up and take notice immediately. Well, that and the tantalising EVOO dressing which was lavish and delicious.

Lot Six Zero Yokine

Pretty sure I ate everything on the plate, well who wouldn’t. An absolutely fabulous plate of food that will see me lurking in corners waiting for it to appear again on the daily listing.

Lot Six Zero Yokine

Also tried their short Macchiato, topped up, which was super strong and a memorable cup of Joe. I say this a lot but this short coffee, if done properly, is elegant and flavoursome.

So, thanks Lot Six Zero, enjoyed it all immensely. Plus a little nod to the wait staff for their attention to detail.

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