Pax + Co – Healthy Brunch – Barista Coffee


Pax + Co, 609 Beaufort Street, Mount Lawley, Phone 6142 1926.

There Is A Light … Pax + Co has taken over the premises formerly housing Health Freak Café in Mount Lawley. Yummy vegetarian goodness abounds.

Pax + Co

I was suitably impressed by the menu both with the pricing and the victuals on offer. Lots of lovely healthy brunch items and raw desserts, what’s not to like about that.

Pax + Co

Love that they do Barista coffee with all varieties suitably in attendance.

Pax + Co

Saying all this doesn’t make me miss HFC less, it just makes me happy that people with a similar frame of mind have taken over and will continue the vegetarian journey.

Pax + Co

So, I could not go past the Falafel Burger as it is something that appeals to me. And, yes, I tend to order it anytime it’s on the menu. This particular Falafel was green and vibrant and dressed with some reddish sauce which had a trace of chilli in the mix.

Slathered with carrots, tomatoes and rocket, the burger was enormous and hard to eat but that didn’t stop me as it was delicious.

They happily packed up half my burger to take home and service in general was courteous and pleasant.

Oh, nearly forgot, the hummus as a dressing, was near perfect. Loved this burger so much.

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