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Green Eggs @ Lot Six Zero, 41 Blythe Avenue, Yokine, Phone 94434062.

You May Like Them You Will See … No, I am not joking, Lot Six Zero are offering up Sam I Am’s green eggs. Well, minus the ham but that’s okay.

Green Eggs @ Lot Six Zero Yokine

So, concentrating on the verdant eggs for a bit, the menu indicated they came with pesto sauce. I imagined a thick layer of pesto on toast topped with eggs and it was a surprise to find that the scrambled eggs were actually green. Because that pesto had infiltrated the eggs to form a light green colour, topped up with the dark green rocket.

Green Eggs @ Lot Six Zero Yokine

And, were they good? They were fine but became a bit too rich after a while which meant that I was unable to finish. An eclectic mix of fine ingredients made it worthwhile to eat my way three quarters through. Those mushrooms were delicious by the way.

Green Eggs @ Lot Six Zero Yokine

Xena’s choice of Pancakes will be no surprise to anyone who visits my blog. And these hot cakes were pretty phenomenal with accoutrements of maple syrup, a slab of butter and topped off with berries. Yes, this was a fabulous dish.

Oh, and before I forget, Xena’s cappuccino and my long macchiato were both sensational, as usual. Can’t beat the coffee at this little café in Yokine.

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