Smashed Avocado @ Circa 676 Beaufort Street – Barista Coffee


Smashed Avocado @ Circa 676, 676 Beaufort Street, Mount Lawley, Phone 9371 9971.

It’s Good News Week … Why? Because Smashed avocado seems to be making a bit of a come back. Well, at least with the Beaufort Street eateries that is.

Smashed Avocado @ Circa 676 Beaufort Street

I’ve never been on board the ban smashed avo train, mainly because I’ve been waiting for a few cafes to come on board.

Smashed Avocado @ Circa 676 Beaufort Street

My time this morning was taken up with a large portion of the pulverised greens on fabulous sourdough bread. With lashings of EVOO and a lemon hint in the oil. Lots of nice little herbs as well. Delicious.

Smashed Avocado @ Circa 676 Beaufort Street

So, I ordered a long macchiato topped up and was blown away by the enormous size of the mug. Usually, with coffee, less is more for me but I was able to drink through to the bottom of the cup without too much effort. Smooth and silky and not too hot, just the way I like my coffee.

The weekends sees Circa 676 with a new brunch menu each Saturday and Sunday. Intriguing combinations of food and price wise, usually within my budget.

So, let’s hope someone else decides that this little gem of a dish is worth a come back, fingers crossed.

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