Multiculturalism Japan – Shinjuku – Tokyo – Nippon


Multiculturalism Japan – What we learnt while eating.

You Are What You Eat … If that’s true then I’m a bit multicultural at the moment. In one day in Shinjuku we ate French food for breakfast, a typical Indian lunch and Italian for dinner.

Multiculturalism Japan

Shinjuku, Tokyo, Festive Lights

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Baguette Me Not – Market Stall


Baguette Me Not, Location Varies, Phone 9381 4410.

Banh Mi Goodness … Baguette Me Not is a Market Stall and they specialise in Franco-Vietnamese Fusion food. We came across them at the Victoria Park Farmer’s Market. Their stall had a big queue. So we joined the queue to see what the fuss was about.

Baguette Me Not

Bahn Mi

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