Lawley’s Bakery Cafe – Wembley Downs


Lawley’s Bakery Cafe, Bournemouth Crescent, Wembley Downs WA 6019, Phone: 9245 6264.

Eclairs … Nice vibe on entering Lawley’s Bakery Café in Wembley Downs. The café is a lot more modern than the Mount Lawley one. It’s all glass and black furniture. And, instead of a bustling café strip it’s in a quiet surburban shopping centre.

Lawley's Bakery Cafe - Wembley Downs

Lawley’s make the best chocolate éclairs. When I bit into one, it took me back to my childhood. When eclairs were made with fresh cream and chocolate glaze. This one had all that but they’d added a thin layer of Patisserie Creme as well. Excellent blend of tastes and textures. The Choux pastry was just beautiful.

Had to drag myself away before I ordered another one.

The coffee wasn’t quite to my taste, a little weak and milky. And, more a Latte than the Cappuccino I ordered. But it’s worth going for the pastries alone.

Purchased a loaf of Rye Sourdough bread to take with me. This is my favourite bread from Lawleys. Crunchy crust and the best texture. Wembley Down’s version seemed to be a bit crustier.

Lawley's Bakery Cafe - Wembley Downs

As well as a Bakery and Cafe, Lawleys offer High Tea. Bookings are essential. They sell assorted pies, cakes, pastries, tarts and a selection of hot food. There are filled rolls, salads, pastas, salads and soups.

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