Cioccolato Espresso – Barista Coffee – Brunch


Cioccolato Espresso, 31 Ardross Street, Applecross, Phone 9364 2284.

A Peak You Reach … Accordingly to Badly Drawn Boy the peak is easier to reach than one would think. For instance, my breakfast this morning was a bit of a peak, baked eggs and loads of lovely ciabatta.

Cioccolato Espresso

A very large serving I might add and one that saw me make it through about half way before giving up.

Cioccolato Espresso

It’s a lovely café Cioccolato Espresso, with loads of visiting police and cyclists. But I was there for the food and couldn’t have been happier with my eggs, well perhaps a little more baking would have been ideal but what the hey.

Cioccolato Espresso

Oh and that long macchiato was sensational, perfectly formed and foamed. A good reason for a return trip.

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