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Sayers Sister, 236 Lake Street, Northbridge WA 6003, Phone 9227 7506.

Eclectic Breakfasts … Big fan of both Sayers and Sayers Sister. Lean a little bit more towards Sayers Sister but mainly because the Café is a little larger. The food is insanely good at both Cafes.

Sayers Sister Northbridge

Xena had jet lag and woke up the household at around 3.30am this morning. We had tea and talked for a while and then decided to go have breakfast somewhere.

Sayers Sister Northbridge

The choice was obvious. Comfort food was our pick for this morning so we headed towards Northbridge and Sayers Sister. We were thankful that on this freezing cold morning they had the doors and windows shut and the heaters on full blast. It was like walking into a sanctuary.

Sayers Sister Northbridge

The staff were still waking up, as were we. But we did receive coffee and tea promptly, with food following a short while later.

Sayers Sister Northbridge

Xena opted for the Waffles with strawberries, orange marmalade and chocolate ice cream. This was a huge serving but it was devoured in a fairly short time.

Sayers Sister Northbridge

Opted for my usual Croquettes and today’s version are Leek and Parmesan. A combination of creamed leeks, poached eggs, spinach and rocket. Very impressive, especially at this time of the morning. The only thing I could fault were the creamed leeks that were a little too watery.

Sayers Sister Northbridge

Xena had a pot of Tea which she said was just lovely. My cappuccino was excellent and was both just hot enough and strong.

Can’t stress enough how much I enjoy dining at Sayers Sister. We usually have to queue but the staff are so good at organising seating that it’s not a problem. All I know is that if I have to queue for the food at Sayers Sister, then I queue. End of story.

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