Benedetto Bakery – Cafe – Pizza Place


Benedetto Bakery, 765 Marshall Road, Malaga WA 6090, Phone 9249 9670.

Authentic Italian bread, pizza and more … Used to frequent Benedetto Bakery when it was in Victoria Road. But I had forgotten about it when I moved from the area. Reading a recent review about their bread led me to find them again.

Benedetto Bakery - Cafe - Pizza Place

Benedetto Bakery is a small shop and there is very limited seating.  On entering the bakery, the smell of fresh baked bread brought a smile to my face. Straight away my eyes were accosted with the sight of fresh baked bread, rolls, cakes, pastries, pies and biscuits. It’s a wonderland of yum.

Purchased a loaf of fresh, still warm, bread and a chicken pie to take home. Must admit that it was a hard decision as there was so much to try. Had to remind myself that patience is a virtue and not everything has to be tried the first time. They’re doing it well.

Benedetto Bakery - Cafe - Pizza Place

Look at that crust …

The Bakery also does Pizza by the Slice at lunch time. When we lived in the area we used to visit a couple of times a week. There are now a few bakeries doing pizza by the slice close by. Personally, I think Benedetto Bakery’s pizza is legendary. And, did I mention the Chicken and Leek Pies.

Benedetto Bakery - Cafe - Pizza Place

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