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Jessies Curry Kitchen and Cafe, 869 Beaufort Street, Inglewood, WA 6052, Phone: 9271 8528.

Fish Curry Addicts … We are regular diners at Jessie’s Curry Kitchen and Cafe. Why? Because the food is always spot on and it is very reasonably priced. Jessie herself, is a delight to deal with, as are her husband and sons.

Jessies Curry Kitchen and Cafe

The café is neat and tidy, it’s not the Ritz but it’s well lit, clean and, who cares, we go there for the food.

Jessies Curry Kitchen and Cafe

The prawn curry with rice at $19 is possibly the most expensive thing on the menu. It is a lovely tomatoey curry with some heat but loads of flavour. The food is definitely worth a visit to try.

Jessies Curry Kitchen and Cafe

Their Nasi Lemak is available with Chicken at $9.50, exceptional value but only on the weekends. They also do a variety of Asian Street Food, like Murtabak, Poori and Dosai.

The fish curry set meal is also value packed at $10 for Fish Curry, rice, 2 vegetables and Dahl. Firm white fish in a great sauce, with the veg and Dahl rounding it out.

Recently tried Jessie’s Chicken and Potato Curry Puffs and we were blown away. Melt in the mouth chicken and vegetables. The very thin crispy pastry was great too. I want to say it’s made with Besan flour because it tasted like chickpeas.

Jessies Curry Kitchen and Cafe

Jessies Curry Kitchen and Cafe are doing it well. They produce good quality food at value for money prices.

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