Pizzeria Colosseo – CLOSED JULY 2018


Pizzeria Colosseo, Shop 1, 65 Lincoln Road, Morley.

When The Moon Hits Your Eye … Pizzeria Colosseo has been open since December. It sits right next to Wing Soon in Lincoln Road. Fancy that, an Italian Café in Morley!

Pizzeria Colosseo

Pizzeria Colosseo offer both Pasta and Pizza and they have a Wood Fired Oven at centre stage. Wow, there are a lot of new Italian Cafes and Restaurants opening up. Not that I’m complaining as this one is closer to home than many of the others.

Pizzeria Colosseo

Went along to get some take away Pizzas and as usual we ordered a Margherita and a Napoletana. The drive home was torture as the aromas were tantalising.

Pizzeria Colosseo

Napoletana with Anchovies

So, biting into the Pizza base made me extremely happy as it was charred and not too thick and gave a nice chew. Plus the tomato sauce was made with San Marzano Tomatoes, which were sparsely spread, as was the creamy mozzarella.

Pizzeria Colosseo

Plain and simple fare and, for me, just fabulous.

Pizzeria Colosseo

Pasta Kitchen Left / Pizza Making Right

So, the venue has chequered tablecloths, pictures of the Colosseum (or Colosseo) everywhere and a large Espresso Machine. Very nostalgic and very Italian with a nice view of the Park across the road.

Pizzeria Colosseo

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