Dim Sum @ Shunking Restaurant – Chinese Teas


Dim Sum @ Shunking Restaurant, 1002 Beaufort Street, Bedford, Phone 6261 7369.

Pseudo Secret Revelations … Shunking are doing Dim Sum again! It’s a pseudo secret because they’ve been hinting at it for weeks and it’s finally here. Yay.

Dim Sum @ Shunking Restaurant

The venue is still stunning, the service is still great but let’s talk about the food. I ordered the prawn dumplings and a basket of crispy squid, always a favourite.

Dim Sum @ Shunking Restaurant

It was great to discover that the Squid was spicy, although the pieces of dried chilli scattered around should have pushed that point home. And, as I bit into a piece of squid I was pleasantly surprised to find it chewable not chewy. Delicious.

Dim Sum @ Shunking Restaurant

Now those dumplings had a pristine pastry case that did not fall apart as I ate. The lovely soft pastry melted in my mouth and was top class. While the prawn meat was sweet and well seasoned. A fab plate of food.

Dim Sum @ Shunking Restaurant

Also ordered Jasmine Tea, love their tea, it’s always full of flowers, seeds and leaves. Which gives the tea an ultra strong flavour every time.

Dim Sum @ Shunking Restaurant

Must mention that I did eat dim sum in January at Shunking. I never did write about that meal because they stopped serving Dim Sum. But the plate of Prawn Toast and bowl of chicken dumpling soup were fabulous.

So, you can read our original review of here.

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