Ninth and Merchant – Barista Coffee – Brunch


Ninth and Merchant, 3 / 882 Beaufort Street, Inglewood.

A Thought That Never Changes … Imagine that you have a random thought and it becomes fact simply because you never change.


We were delighted to be at Ninth and Merchant and this time we were more than ready to eat lots of food.


Marlo ordered the Hummus with onion and red peppers on sourdough and as I’d already tried this dish I had to say it was a lot larger than I remembered. Delicious.

I opted for the roasted pumpkin which came with an egg, crispy kale and ricotta cheese. The pumpkin was the star of this meal as it was caramelised and perfectly cooked.

Again, a huge plate of food that I could not finish but what I did eat was marvellous.

There are still wisps of Miss Kitty’s Saloon scattered around the room and it might take a while for people to forget that charming café.

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