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Maison Saint Honore, 207 Murray Street, Perth WA 6000, Phone 0430 377 140.

The Best of the Best … In 2014 there is a craze in Perth for these little biscuits the French call Macarons. The City is literally swimming in the little dears. Everyone wants to have the new craze on their shelves. But some are doing it better than others. And, Maison Saint Honore is definitely one of the best.

Maison Saint Honore

Salted Carmel Macaron

I first came across Maison Saint Honore at the Subiaco Farmer’s Market. They had a Market Stall filled to the brim with Macarons of all different colours and flavours. They were offering 4 for $10.00 and I found that to be a bargain, considering our local was selling them for $5.00 each. Remind me not to go there again.

The flavours on offer that appealed to me most were the Rose and the Salted Carmel. Ah, salted caramel, the craze that won’t go away. Both these Macarons were the Bee’s Knees. Perfectly chewy biscuit wafers with a salted caramel filling. The rose was a lighter flavour but excitingly different. Just about perfection.

Needless to say I will be visiting this Market Stall again.

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