Jumplings Tasty Dumplings – Food Truck


Jumplings, 11b / 12-16 Milford Street, East Victoria Park WA 6101, Phone 0403 180 331.

Mmmmm Dumplings … Caught up with the Jumplings food truck at the Beaufort Street Festival.

Jumplings Tasty Dumplings

It was extremely crowded and people were getting hot and bothered. Queues for food were getting lengthy and then we noticed the new Food Truck. It wasn’t as crowded, so we decided to give it a try. The crew seemed to be handling the queues very efficiently.

For $10 we received 5 Chicken Dumplings and Udon, very good value for money. They were delicious. We will definitely go looking for this Food Truck again.

My guess would be the truck will be at the new Maylands Hawkers Market Saturday Nights. Here’s hoping.

Because I was so impressed with the food at Jumplings I looked up Roy Chin when I got home. It seems he gets around a bit because lots of items appeared about him.

So, Roy Chin, the owner and chef, is getting to be quite a personality around Perth. He has had numerous newspaper articles written about him and his success. Mainly because he and about five other Food Trucks were amongst the first to hit the road. So to speak. One interesting article can be found here.

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