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Hey Pesto Food Truck, 215 Balcatta Road, Balcatta WA 6021, Phone 0402 945 646.

Burgers … Hey Pesto Food Truck were amongst the first to arrive on the Perth Street Food scene. Their Truck opens at the back and becomes a large grill. Where all the cooking is done. They’re famous for their Burgers. And, one of the few to do a vegetarian burger.

Hey Pesto Food Truck

We’ve managed to try their wares a few times. Stand out Chick Pea Burger and their Chicken Burger is just fine as well.

Chick pea burger. Tried a chickpea burger at the Food Truck Rumble. It was a good choice for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the chick pea patty had a great taste. Big chick pea flavour. You could add your own salad and sauces. In our case Chilli and Aioli. And, secondly because even though the queue was long it seemed to be moving a bit faster than some of the others. A memorable Burger.

Chicken burger. Their menu changes, apparently, but I managed to snag a truly great chicken burger. Chicken breast, grilled to perfection. Served on a white bun (not my ideal but it tasted fine). Add your own salads and sauces from the counter. A really good way to put a burger together with your own selections. Loved the Green Tomato Relish.

Hey Pesto Food Truck

Self Serve Sauce

Hey Pesto also do catering and can be found at Food Markets around Perth.

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