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Chez Jean Claude Patisserie, 333 Rokeby Road, Subiaco WA 6008, Phone 9381 7968.

Chicken Flute … Chez Jean Claude Patisserie Subiaco is located on Rokeby Road, at the Nicholson Road end. It is a Swiss Patisserie, not French, as you would expect. But as Swiss cuisine is influenced by cuisines from neighbouring Italy, Germany and France, there are traces of French cuisine in their products.

Chez Jean Claude Patisserie

Courtesy Chez Jean Claude Patisserie

The Patisserie is very small and is take away only. They also have a surcharge if you use a credit card or EFTPos.

This was my first visit and I spent a considerable time gazing at the display cabinet of food. Loads of baguettes, sandwiches and, my favourite, flutes. Flutes are thinner than baguettes, just right for a quick lunch. It was also very crowded in the small space, so queuing happens sometimes.

Chez Jean Claude Patisserie Subiaco also make pies, in fact, that’s what they’re known for. That, and their bread. But sadly that day they only had family sized pies. Not a small one to be found.

So, I grabbed a Chicken Flute to take away. It looked pretty good, great bread, loads of chicken and avocado. But on biting into it I discovered the bread was as good as it looked but the mayonnaise completely annihilated the taste of the other ingredients. Managed to scrape most of the mayo off and salvage the roll.

Will definitely be asking for a fresh made flute sans mayonnaise on any return visit.

Update 2016:
Please note these guys also have a Patisserie at 26 Oxford Close, West Leederville WA 6007, Phone 9381 1235.

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