Top Rice BBQ – Filipino Australian Fusion


Top Rice BBQ, Location Varies, Phone 0423 728 491.

BBQ Chicken and Rice … Have BBQ will travel should be the name of this Market Stall. Top Rice BBQ have been around since 2013 and they serve Filipino Cuisine but with an Australian fusion.

Top Rice BBQ

Filipino Australian Fusion

The smell of their Barbecue as they grill the meat is enticing. It draws you towards their stall. From memory, these guys were one of the first street food meals I tried. They were at the Maylands Hawkers Market. And, the food looked and smelled great.

They serve up Chicken or Pork Belly to make a unique fusion dish. Think BBQ Chicken, on a bed of rice and salad, topped off with an egg. Oh, and don’t forget the Chicken is smothered in their home made Sauce.

Xena purchased a Top Rice BBQ Chicken dinner and allowed me a small sample. Nice sauce, tender chicken, crunchy salad and rice. What’s not to like. Pretty healthy meal for $10.00.

They always have a queue for food, doesn’t matter which food market you find them at.

Like all Street Food vendors, their market is seasonal. Which means most close for the winter. Because of that, Top Rice BBQ also offer catering.

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