Kool Kakes – Market Stall – Custom Made Cakes


Kool Kakes, Location Varies, Phone 0431 327 475.

Kake Art … There is a great artistry to the cakes on sale at Kool Kakes. They specialise in fun, colourful and most of all, original cakes for children and adults.

Kool Kakes - Market Stall - Custom Made Cakes

This Market Stall has been around the Perth Street Food scene for quite a while now.

Kool Kakes - Market Stall - Custom Made Cakes

Themes are a big thing for Kool Kakes. From Cocktails to Halloween to Sesame Street to you name it.

All themed cakes are either one large cake or cupcakes. Cupcakes are still kind of in, especially with children.

Currently they are regulars at the Kalamunda Food Markets. But they do frequent a number of other markets around Perth.

Managed to pick up one of their Cherry Ripe Slices at the Maylands Market once. It was absolutely delicious. Big cherry taste with loads of coconut and a crunchy base.

Kool Kakes - Market Stall - Custom Made Cakes

There are a number of Cake Bakers around the Street Food scene in Perth. Kool Kakes’ original designs allow them to stand out amongst the crowd. They’re distinctive and unusual, creepy and kooky and altogether spooky … oh wait, that’s the Addams Family.

Jokes aside, the skill and time involved in making these cakes awes me. I have enough trouble icing a slab cake.

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