Tony Roma’s Perth American Restaurant


Tony Roma’s Perth, 919 Hay Street, West Perth WA 6005, Phone 9481 8152.

Not a fan … While living in Singapore I dined at Tony Roma’s a number of times and enjoyed the food. Mainly because sometimes I just needed to eat Western food. The biggest thing about living in Singapore is the varied cuisine and I loved the food a lot. My usual lunch was hawker food of some type. But you know, just sometimes, chips sound like the best thing you could ever eat.

Tony Roma's Perth

Ribs, Seafood and Steak

Tony Roma’s Perth is crisp and modern, steel and glass. Went with a big party of people and the staff handled us well. We all arrived at different times but everyone felt comfortable and most had drinks by the time we arrived.

I found the menu limited because I don’t eat red meat. So, opted for the prawn linguine. Which was probably the wrong choice as it was bland and tasteless. The pasta itself was no where near al dente. The dish was very expensive for the quality of the food.

Service is good but the restaurant is very busy and people are all over the place. Not a place for an intimate dinner.

Tony Roma’s Perth being a Steak and Rib House, is a place to go to eat red meat. There is a limited choice on offer for those that don’t eat it. This was a family celebration and I was there by choice. The people all around me were really enjoying their steaks and ribs.

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