ilPasto Italian Restaurant – Sicilian Cuisine


ilPasto, Shop 4, 885 Beaufort Street, Inglewood WA 6152,
Phone 9271 7870.

Sicilian Food … Lovely little cafe which offers authentic Sicilian food. When we go out for Italian we go to ilPasto. Good service, nice atmosphere and delicious food. Hidden away behind the Post Office in Inglewood.


Nice Decor

They have both indoor and outdoor seating. The Restaurant itself has a charming décor, reminiscent of Italian Trattorias. It’s all white shirted waiters and white linen table cloths. The service is always friendly, always. We have been a number of times now. The only time I can remember anyone getting flustered was when a spider decided to spring up next to our table. So, we all had good cause to be alarmed.

Was desperately sad that the new menu no longer had Eggplant Lasagne. But, I was still revved up about being taken to ilPasto for dinner.

The new menu had some interesting things I’d never tried before. I finally settled on the Orecchiette Con Pesce Spada. Ear shaped pasta with Swordfish, Basil and Fresh Tomato. While this dish sounds like very basic Italian food, let me tell you I was blown away by the amazing flavours of the dish. It was a huge portion size and I managed to finish it because it tasted so good. The Swordfish was cut into miniscule pieces but somehow that didn’t distract from the overall dish. A definite new favourite for me. Oh, and the ear shaped pasta seemed perfectly designed to catch all the sauce it could handle. And, made each mouthful burst onto my palate.

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