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Mundaring Weir Hotel, Corner of Weir Village and Hall Roads, Mundaring WA 6073, Phone 9295 1106.

Exploring Our History … Sundays are days where I like to take a drive. And end up somewhere like the Mundaring Weir Hotel. Not really for the food but to soak in the nostalgia of the area or the building we are visiting. Toodyay is a place that is ripe with old buildings and we visit often. They also have a nice café culture going on. York is another place steeped in history. But today it’s back to Mundaring. And, those wood fired pizzas.

Mundaring Weir Hotel

Photo: Courtesy Mundaring Weir Hotel

There is a lovely café at the Mundaring Weir Hotel. It is downstairs and was once a bomb shelter during WW2. They produce some very substantial Wood Fired Pizzas. We had our usual Margherita of the crunchy crust variety and some iced water. And then took a look around the gardens.

The Mundaring Weir Hotel is also home to an amphitheatre. This space is frequently occupied with Concerts. In 1985 David Helfgott performed the first concert at this venue. The concerts are mostly from famous Australian faces. The amphitheatre can seat up to 800 people.

Mundaring Weir Hotel

Photo: Courtesy Mundaring Weir Hotel

The Mundaring Weir Hotel was built Circa 1899. It was only after the completion of the Weir that the location became popular. Picnickers and sightseers came on the weekends. The Hotel is only a few minutes walk from the Weir itself. And, was built to accommodate the rush of visitors wanting to see the construction of the Weir. The Hotel was Heritage Listed in 2004.

So, it’s nice to explore our history. Seeing as they’ve bulldozed nearly all the great hotels in Perth City. Thankfully, this one is still standing and besides the pizza is great.

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