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Marcelitas Empanadas, Location Varies, Phone 0433 014 074.

Empanadas … One of my favourite Street Food vendors is Marcelitas Empanadas. They hand roll their Colombian treats with the help of their talented team and it’s fun to watch, take a look here. The team works like a well oiled machine as the empanadas are rolled, filled and fried.

Marcelitas Empanadas

At the Twilight Hawkers Market

Marcelitas offer a choice of three empanadas, usually slow cooked beef, pork or potato. The price is pretty good too at $10.00 for three of these fried delights. And, best of all, they are gluten free as they’re made with wheat free Maize flour.

Marcelitas Empanadas

Once, at the Maylands Hawkers Market, we were lucky enough to feast on the chicken version. These are festive empanadas and only for special occasions but hey were absolutely delicious. I keep checking hopefully to see if they have them on offer again but alas haven’t found them again.

Marcelitas Empanadas

Arepa Chicken Chilli Taco – delicious – 2017

For a short time they were serving up fig empanadas as a dessert item. But the last few times we’ve run across them they haven’t had them.

Marcelitas Empanadas offer Colombian Lemonade which they make from organic cane sugar (panela) and fresh lime juice. It’s thirst quenchingly good and at $3.00 the drink is value for money.

So, these guys are regulars at a variety of Food Markets around Perth. Specifically, the Twilight Hawkers Market in the City or the Maylands Hawkers Market.

Update January 2016:
Marcelita’s Empanada recipe was published in the Great Australian Cookbook for 2015. So you just know that their food is pretty amazing to get a tribute like that. And, you can check it out on page136.

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