1982 Espresso at the Regal Theatre


1982 Espresso, 55-57 Rokeby Road, Subiaco Wa 6008, Phone 6380 1519.

Waffles Extraordinare … 1982 Espresso is decked out in Art Deco. Sitting as it does in the same building as The Regal Theatre in Subiaco. As good an example of Art Deco as ever there was. To the point where the whole building was Heritage Listed in 2009. But I digress. Back to 1982 Espresso.

1982 Espresso at the Regal Theatre

The café spills out onto the Rokeby Road pavement. With chairs and tables, single armchair and stools. And, the obligatory umbrellas. It’s a nicely thought out trashy, eclectic décor. And, it has a very comfortable vibe about it.

I go for the coffee because the espresso in particular is very good. While Xena always tells me to forget the coffee because this place is all about the waffles. When she was working in Subiaco, Xena would txt to say, “guess where I am.” I would automatically txt back “having waffles”.

Then one day I decided to try the waffles. And, they were actually pretty impressive. Not a big waffle fan but found myself wanting to revisit to have another plateful. Hmmm.

The staff at 1982 Espresso are always friendly. As I said, the place has a good vibe, so you feel comfortable. And, there are some nice lunch options which I don’t get to try (because of the waffles).

Named for King George VI, the Regal Theatre building was opened in 1938. Placed on the State’s Heritage list in 1995, it was officially Heritage Listed in 2009. Along with two other corners of Rokeby Road and Hay Street. The Heritage Listing includes the Subiaco Hotel and Chutney Mary’s across the Road.

So, the first film shown there was “Shall We Dance” (Circa 1937 and Gershwin did the Score) with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.

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