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Heart and Soul Celebration Cakes, Carlisle WA 6101, Phone 0417 945 105.

Salted caramel slice … Forget those cardboard cut-out slices you have tried from your local bakery this slice is pure heaven.

Heart and Soul Celebration Cakes

Chocolate Salted Caramel Slice Courtesy: Heart and Soul Celebration Cakes

First of all the texture is soft all the way through the three layers. The chocolate is real chocolate and it is divine. The biscuit base has an oaty crunch but it’s not break your teeth hard. The stand out salted caramel layer is the best I’ve tasted.

This is a great slice and worth hunting down these guys so you can taste one. We discovered them at the Maylands Hawkers Market. But they attend other Food Markets around Perth as well.

It’s not only salted caramel slices that are on offer. These guys offer a small range of cakes and slices. Including cup cakes, brownies and gingerbread.

But Heart and Soul Celebration Cakes are much more than just caramel slices. They produce unique individual cake designs for their clients. Whether they be Superman Fans or turning 80 years old. They are also Wedding Cake Specialists. Ensuring that their designs are unique to the customer.

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