Delish Ice – Retro Food Van – Artisan Ice Pops


Delish Ice, Location Varies, Phone 0448 897 717.

Watermelon lemonade … Such a great idea to have fresh ingredients in an icy pole. And, these guys appear to have a very large selection of flavours to choose from.

Delish Ice - Retro Food Van - Artisan Ice Pops

Photo: Courtesy Delish Ice

Had a chat to the very pleasant lady at Delish Ice who told us just how fresh the creations are. And, offered samples of a few different flavours. We decided the watermelon lemonade was just amazing.

The food van itself is pretty awesome. The van is what looks like an original 50’s caravan fitted out with 50’s glam. In fact their whole concept is aimed at 50’s glam. From the Babes in 50’s Retro Clothes, to the 50’s tunes blaring forth, to the icy poles themselves.  It’s a trip down memory lane.

Every time we see their caravan we head in that direction. Fresh fruit and ingredients make a huge difference to these quality products.

Because all the Iced Pops are ready and sitting in the freezer. It really only takes one person to man the Caravan. Service is quite quick, even if queues form. Have watched them a number of times at the Maylands Hawkers Market. They definitely have a system that works.

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