Whisk Creamery – Ice Cream Parlour – Subiaco


Whisk Creamery, 155 Rokeby Road, Subiaco WA 6008, Phone 6162  2948.

Green Smoothies … Stumbling into Whisk Creamery I was very impressed with the decor of the place because it is really different.

The cafe is fitted out with a selection of eclectic furniture. One half is all posh and the other half is all bohemian. There is a huge black board and crates hung on the wall as shelves. That’s the second time in a couple of weeks I’ve been in a cafe with crate shelves. Overall the place has a nice vibe and it was obvious that a lot of thought was put into the decor.

Whisk Creamery Subiaco

So, they have a limited food menu, mainly savoury and sweet pastries, quiches, soft rolls with assorted fillings. They also do green smoothies, which are becoming the new black around Perth. We were in a rush so ordered two smoothies and a pastry. Was a little shocked at the $23.50 price tag, a little high even for Subiaco. But the smoothies were really good, fresh fruit, vegetables, chia seeds and sorbet and blended well. After sipping on it for a while i forgot about the price tag.

Whisk Creamery Subiaco

Oh, and the pastry was light and filled with patisserie creme and dark chocolate. Yum.

Update December 2016:
It seems Whisk Creamery has come a long way since it’s early days. Xena couldn’t get over the Taiyaki which looks amazing. Fish shaped Waffle Cone with Green Tea Gelato, Red Beans and a Fruit Spear. Yum.

Whisk Creamery Subiaco

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